How to Judge the Real Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, this is the first quote that everyone will relate when we talk about diamonds. Late last year a company release their new design of ring that gives information on diamonds clarity. Let us rethink the 4’Cs clarity, cut, color and carat weight is the foremost ways to judge a diamond. Nonetheless, a person who has hands-on experience with diamonds, either you are in the jewelry industry or not. Sometimes understand that there is more to it than that. For example, an engagement ring that has a low color grade scale that looks like failing students. However, if you see them in person they sparkle and no one ever notices their low color grade.

On the other hand, what do the consumers value most when they buy a diamond. To check we must know the 3’Cs when buying a diamond ring– Sparkle, Size, and Shape. These factors are important because this is what people see when buying diamonds. Not the same with clarity and color that is less noticeable by an untrained eye. The Size and shape aspect of the diamonds cuts is important- size is carat weight and sparkle cut. In regards, with the shape round cut diamond is the most recognized by the consumers. Because most consumer love diamond uses on the ring.

Another important factor in a diamond is the sparkling cut because it is the most important of them all. It is what people’s first impression. With the new technology in jewelry cut, the company makes better and sparkly diamond jewelry. To buy the best diamond jewelry you can find a lot online. Remember the 4’Cs and the 3C’s and you will have your diamonds either ring, necklace or other kinds of jewelry. There are a lot of designs that every jewelry company offer, choose the right one for you. Forever diamonds will last.

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